A 360 video booth. Sound complicated, right?

Maybe. But we’ve taken out the guesswork, and made it simple for you. Set up is fast, takes ten minutes, and is as calming as cuddling a puppy.

First, the platform. We supply you with a dolly so you can wheel the platform around easily, helping you get in and out of venues, and giving you the opportunity of one-person setups at events.

The arm is completely adjustable, allowing you to accommodate a wide range of venues, users, heights and angles. Pull the arm out wide and at a low angle for a sweeping wide shot, or keep it tight for smaller venues and close-ups.

The ball head mount on the top of the arm allows you to catch your users at any angle, regardless of height. It also features hardware that can support a multitude of devices, from DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D, the new iPad Pro, or GoPro Hero Black .

Next up, the control box. Heaps of customisation in such a tiny package! Adjustments include: Pre-spin, forward duration, reverse duration, forward speed, reverse speed, and the trigger mode. The control box uses a comprehensive and simple interface; no complex menus, it’s straight and to the point.

Once you have those ready, you can move on to wiring. An emergency stop plugs directly into the box and your AC adapter; a threaded motor cable screws into the box and has a colour coded end for your motor.

Once you’ve plugged everything in and made it look nice and neat, it’s time to start spinning.