The Photography Show Interview with Dreambooth

Transcript of video

Presenter: I’m here at probably one of the most fun booths at the photography show in 2019. I’m here with Kathryn from Dreambooth, tell me what Dreambooth does Kathryn

Kathryn: We bring photo booth technology into innovation so we create all sorts of innovative products for people to take the photobooth market. 

Presenter: Right. So talk to me about where photo booths are particularly active at the moment, apart from at CES 2019. 

Kathryn: We serve a lot of different industries, corporate events. Events, weddings, parties, activations, anything you can think that wants an injection of fun. 

Presenter: Speaking of weddings there’s an awful lot of confetti on the floor. I think you’ve got a couple of products with you, you’ve got a bullet time camera, and you’ve got your 360x. Can I have a go on your 360X?

*uses 360X*

That’s an awful lot of fun, and you know, in all seriousness, in the context of a wedding or corporate, you can email that to yourself as well. You white label this as well so that companies can put their own branding on there if it’s a corporate activation of some sort.

Kathryn: So we have a dedicated tech team who train all of our customers so they can brand everything they can white label everything, so they can go ahead and service the corporate market. 

Presenter: Fantastic. Well listen, thank you so much for bringing us on time to go on the bullet time, but it’s just like being in the matrix 20 years ago but just brought a bit more up to date. Lots of fun. Thank you so much indeed Kathryn from Dreambooth.