360X Wireless DSLR Feature

Transcript of Video

Hi Everyone!

We have been experimenting with our DLSR based 360X and wanted to show you what we’ve been working on.

Currently our DSLR based version needs a USB cable connecting the camera to the PC for the software to capture the video and add effects. This was somewhat limiting as it meant the arm could only do around 1-2 rotations in one direction, and then it would need to spin in the opposite direction to make sure the cable doesn’t get tangled. Now, with the addition of the tether tools air direct we can connect the camera to the PC completely wirelessly!

So you can do unlimited rotations without having to worry about cable management. This also means you can use the pre-spin feature like we have with our iPad and GoPro versions.

Great news for all of you DSLR lovers out there!

The new firmware update is available free of charge to all current users in support. Please feel free to ask any questions you have!