The Photography Show Interview with Dreambooth

Transcript of Video

Hi guys it’s James from Dreambooth here, I’d like to introduce you to our 360x. It’s perfect for activations, weddings, parties, sporting events and more.

Guests stand on the platform and all you have to do is press this big green button, the arm rotates and the software records at the same time and the software applies all of your cool effects and the video can be shared digitally in a matter of seconds. Due to our trigger system, your videos are professional and consistent every time. You can use either an iPad or DSLR camera or even switch between the two on the fly when you’re at an event.

The platform is 1.2 metres across so you can fit up to 4 guests with extra space for dancing. 

The arm is adjustable so you can cater for many different heights and many different sized venues.

The set up takes just a few minutes, you can move the platform using a dolly which comes with your investment. The final video is fully customizable. So you can add filters, effects music, slow motion, green screen branding and more. Training is included in your investment so we can show you how to create the coolest videos, and how to set the system up. We’ve also got a dedicated team providing technical support, seven days a week, 9am until 11pm. If you’ve got any questions or you’d like to purchase a 360X, give us a call or our inquiry form and we’d be happy to help.