Live Event Printing

Product Personalisation Live At Events

Live Event Printing

Live Event Printing lets guests design and take away personalised merchandise from events.

Guests use the intuitive touch screens to create designs for all kinds of merchandise using client or event branding that you can easily upload. These designs are instantly printed and added to products and merchandise for the guest to take away.

The result? Incredible personalised products for guests to take away.

What is Live Event Printing?

Customisation is key – with Live Event Printing you can offer a personalised experience to every client.

The system is super easy to use, and our friendly team will guide you through the process of getting to know it.

Personalise a Range of Products

Offer solutions that meet your clients needs.

From water bottles to caps, Live Event Printing can add guests designs to a range of merchandise that meets the requirements of your clients.

Quick and Easy Set up

The system is simple to use. Easily add new stamps, stencils and fonts to create a personalised experience every time.

The touch screens are intuitive and guide the guest through the process of designing their products.

Our friendly support team are here to help every step of the way!


With the Live Event Printing bar, physical and digital branding is simple, but extremely effective. 

Vinyl wrapping allows the platform to draw attention and intrigue, while catering to any event.

Brand the user experience to match the event, and add stamps and stencils that meet client or event branding to provide an immersive experience. 


Here at Dreambooth we believe in world class support. We have a full support team who can answer all the questions you might have about Live Event Printing, giving you true peace of mind at an event.

We can support you online by phone, online chat, email, or WhatsApp.

Purchase Options

Live Event Printing
Essential Package

360X Platform and Arm Structure
Anti-Slip Platform
Electronic Trigger
Camera Mount
Online or Face-to-Face Training
360X Software License
1 Year of Free Upgrades and Support

Includes software – For either DSLR or IPad version

Add either iPad Pro
Laptop and Canon DSLR Camera

$9,669 USD

+ Shipping



The Trigger
USB/Bluetooth connectivity
Start the arm and recording simultaneously
Set and save custom duration and speed settings
Start the arm rotating before recording to get up to the desired speed


Dimensions and Weight
Platform Dimensions : 1170mm Diameter x 300mm Height
Weight : 71KG
Footprint : From 2500mm to 4000mm diameter
Shipping Dimensions : 1250 (W) x 1250 (D) X 500 (H) mm
Shipping Weight : 170KG

Photobooth Power Requirments

Power Requirements
Low power design allows the system to be used for indoor and outdoor events via mains or generator.
Power Draw : 150W MAX
Power Input : AC 120/240V
Connection : International Plug (IEC C13) for Single Mains Connection
iPad : USB or battery power options

*Roadcase and Control Station are either optional items or part of the Ultimate Package


Is software included?
How many people can stand on the platform?
How do I transport the platform?
How much space do I need at an event?
How do I adjust for different heights?
How long is the warranty?
Can the 360 Photo ship and work internationally?
Can I adjust the speed of the arm?
Can you do 180 degree with the system?
How many staff members would I need per event?
How about if I don’t have Wi-Fi?
How does the Social sharing work?
Do I need extra lighting?
Do I need a van?

Is software included?

Yes, we supply feature-rich software for both our DSLR and iPad packages. So, you can add effects, branding, music, and more!

How many people can stand on the platform?

You can fit up to 4 people on our platform! We think having a group of people on the platform makes for a great 360X experience.

How do I transport the platform?

We provide you with a dolly that allows you to wheel your booth around. This makes it much easier to move in and out of venues. See video here.

How much space do I need at an event?

The minimum space requirement for the 360 photo booth is 2500mm, with the maximum spread being 4000mm. The arm is completely adjustable, so if you are short on space you can pull the arm right in, and if you have lots of space you can create a really cool wide shot!

How do I adjust for different heights?

The mount we provide is a ball head mount, so you can quickly adjust the camera/iPad to cater for all heights.

How long is the warranty?

The system is covered under a 12 month warranty. Also included for the first 12 months is our amazing technical support. 9am-11pm (GMT) we have a dedicated technical team on hand ready to help whenever you call.

Can the 360 Photo ship and work internationally?

The 360X is powered by an IEC cable, so you just need to add the corresponding cable for your country.

Can I adjust the speed of the arm?

Yes. With the Dreambooth control box you can set how fast or slow you’d like the arm to spin.

Can you do 180 degree with the system?

You can even do 180° to provide your clients with 2 services from just 1 investment.

How many staff members would I need per event?

Our customers like to use a minimum of 2 members of staff. One to guide people through the experience, and one to manage the line of people.

How about if I don’t have Wi-Fi?

Our shares are done digitally, usually by email or SMS. Shares are placed in a queue until the booth finds an internet connection, at which time it will send videos to your clients. Live Facebook, Instagram or Twitter sharing requires a live internet connection.

How does the Social sharing work?

iPad: You can share to email and SMS*. From there, you can share to social media from the branded Microsite (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

DSLR: You can share to email, SMS, and direct to a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

*SMS sharing is a Pro Version Feature of the Ipad system

Do I need extra lighting?

Extra lighting is not necessary in normal conditions; if you are in a particularly dark area, we recommend you use an LED panel(s).

Do I need a van?

The 360X fits in most big cars. If it doesn’t fit into your car, most customers hire a vehicle on the days they have events. This way you don’t need to invest in a 360X and a van.